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(available for 2019-2020 and following seasons)

Tommaso Lonquich, clarinet

Alexander Lonquich, piano

"Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar Ding"


Bartok, Romanian Folk Dances Sz. 56, BB 68 for clarinet & piano

Brahms, Sonata in Eb major op. 120 no. 2 for clarinet & piano


Berg, Alban, Four Pieces, op. 5 for clarinet & piano

Brahms, Sonata in f minor op. 120 no. 1 for clarinet & piano

  Always the Mittel-European melting pot, gateway to the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Bohemia, Vienna in 1900 is waltzing away towards a drastic turning point: from decadent imperial capital through disillusion, to vibrant stage of the expressionist avant-guard. 

  This program opens four windows onto the city at that fascinating historical crucible.

  We are reminded by Bartok of the folk music roots fueling the streets of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with contagious melodies and dance.  We are invited to partake in Brahms’ final farewell through his nostalgic musical testament: the eloquent and lyrical clarinet sonatas op. 120.  The generous romanticism of these masterpieces encounters its future counterpart in the Four Pieces, op. 5 by Alban Berg.  Here music is distilled, condensed and rarified into intimate dramatic gestures of Haiku-like reticence. 

  Through it all, we watch Vienna in an inexorable waltz with Time, that “strange thing” so eerily described by Hofmmansthal in Der Rosenkavalier:


"As our lives go by, time means absolutely nothing. And then, one fine day, we are aware of nothing else.

It is all around us and inside of us.

It trickles over our faces, it trickles over the mirror, it streams between my temples.

And it is between you and I, and still it flows on. Silent like an hourglass."

“Paris is a moveable feast…”


Debussy, Premiere Rhapsodie for clarinet & piano

Stravinsky, Three Pieces for solo clarinet

Saint Saens, Sonata op. 167 for clarinet & piano


Debussy, Selected Preludes for solo piano

(or Jolivet, Mana for solo piano)

Poulenc, Sonata FP 184 for clarinet & piano

  The title of this program is extracted from the writings of Ernest Hemingway, who loved the mundane pleasures of Paris and contributed colorfully, like so many others, to its artistic and intellectual scene.

  All the composers in this program called Paris home, some like Poulenc for their whole life, others like Stravinsky for some of their most artistically prolific years.  Through their music we experience the Parisian atmosphere through infinite lenses of style: neoclassicism and romanticism, impressionism and dadaism, modernism and kitsch.  And so, little by little Lady Paris comes to life through this collage of sounds: her car-horn animated streets, her perfumed parks, her cathedrals and cafes, the longing for the peaceful country; or even the memory of a home left behind, far away.


For more information about the duo with Alexander Lonquich, click here.

Tommaso Lonquich, clarinet

Umberto Clerici, cello

Claudio Martinez Mehner, piano

Looking Back: Games and Fairy Tales


Mozart, "Kegelstatt" Trio in Eb K498, for clarinet, cello & piano (orig. viola)

Beethoven, "Gassenhauer" Trio in Bb, op.11 for clarinet, cello & piano


Schumann, "Fairy Tales" Trio op.132 for clarinet, cello & piano (orig, viola)

Brahms, Trio in a minor, op. 114 for clarinet, cello & piano

  Brahms’ masterpiece sheds a light of mature nostalgia onto the playground of memory.  It is also a memory, the recollection of childhood, which reawakens the themes of youth, play and fantasy in the trios of Mozart, Beethoven and Schumann.  The operatic “Kegelstatt” trio launches a musical game which a young Beethoven juggles with humor and ingenuity, while the “fairy tales” of Schumann take us by the hand in a poetic re-enactment of childhood’s vivid fantasy world.

Voices: Spring, Autumn


Webern, Three little pieces, op.11 for cello & piano

Janacek, Pohadka for cello & piano

Beethoven, "Gassenhauer" Trio in Bb, op.11 for clarinet, cello & piano


Berg, Four Pieces op. 4 for clarinet & piano

Brahms, Trio in a minor, op. 114 for clarinet, cello & piano


  The peculiar voices of these central-European composers weave around two metaphorical seasons.  Spring, with its dew of ambiguous desires, fragrances and vibrant expectations.  Autumn, the evening-like crossroad between feverish summer creativity and silent winter.  In these musical works we explore these two seasons of desire, moved alternatively by youthful ambition and nostalgic memory.

For more information about the Lonquich-Clerici-Martinez Trio, click here.


The Trio is represented by Vera Tardiani Artists Management

phone: +39 347 7990631

Milano - Italy



Tommaso Lonquich, clarinet

Jonathan Slaatto, cello

Martin Quist Hansen, piano

Generations: Copenhagen-Vienna


Beethoven, "Gassenhauer" Trio in Bb, op.11 for clarinet, cello & piano

Holmboe, Trio “Eco” for clarinet, cello & piano


Norgaard, Trio “Spell” for clarinet, cello & piano

Brahms, Trio in a minor, op. 114 for clarinet, cello & piano

A Danish Anthology


Nielsen, Fantasy for clarinet and piano

Gade, Fantasy Pieces for clarinet and piano

Norgaard, Trio “Spell” for clarinet, cello & piano


Holmboe, Sonata for solo cello

Holmboe, Trio “Eco” for clarinet, cello & piano

For more information about the Danish Clarinet Trio, click here.

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