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  Tommaso Lonquich, Umberto Clerici and Claudio Martinez Mehner enjoy multifaceted international careers which span between Australia and Italy, Scandinavia and the Unites States, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

  Despite these geographical distances, they meet regularly in Italy to feed a special musical relationship, source of mutual inspiration. They form the trio at the Dino Ciani Festival of Cortina d’Ampezzo in 2012 and since then they are regular guests in every edition of the same Festival.

   In 2014 they have appeared in the Presidential Palace “Quirinale” in Rome for a concert which was broadcasted live by National Radio and is often re-transmitted by the same station. They have also presented concerts in duo settings (clarinet/piano and cello/piano) in the concert seasons of several Italian cities.

  In Budapest they weave an important relationship with Ferenc Rados, with whom they dedicate themselves to the research of the intrinsic signifiers and meanings of musical interpretation.


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Looking Back: Games and Fairy Tales


Mozart, "Kegelstatt" Trio in Eb K498, for clarinet, cello & piano (orig. viola)

Beethoven, "Gassenhauer" Trio in Bb, op.11 for clarinet, cello & piano


Schumann, "Fairy Tales" Trio op.132 for clarinet, cello & piano (orig, viola)

Brahms, Trio in a minor, op. 114 for clarinet, cello & piano*

  Brahms’ masterpiece sheds a light of mature nostalgia onto the playground of memory.  It is also a memory, the recollection of childhood, which reawakens the themes of youth, play and fantasy in the trios of Mozart, Beethoven and Schumann.  The operatic “Kegelstatt” trio launches a musical game which a young Beethoven juggles with humor and ingenuity, while the “fairy tales” of Schumann take us by the hand in a poetic re-enactment of childhood’s vivid fantasy world.

Voices: Spring, Autumn


Webern, Three little pieces, op. 11 for cello & piano

Janacek, Pohadka for cello & piano

Beethoven, "Gassenhauer" Trio in Bb, op. 11 for clarinet, cello & piano


Berg, Four Pieces op. 5 for clarinet & piano

Brahms, Trio in a minor, op. 114 for clarinet, cello & piano*


  The peculiar voices of these central-European composers weave around two metaphorical seasons.  Spring, with its dew of ambiguous desires, fragrances and vibrant expectations.  Autumn, the evening-like crossroad between feverish summer creativity and silent winter.  In these musical works we explore these two seasons of desire, moved alternatively by youthful ambition and nostalgic memory.


* If requested, the Clarinet Trio by Brahms can be substituted with the Clarinet Trio op. 3 by Alexander Zemlinsky in both programs. A wide variety of solo and duo repertoire is also available on request.

The Trio is represented by:

Vera Tardiani Artists Management

phone: +39 347 7990631

Milano - Italy

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