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1st January (Hungary)

Budapest - MÜPA

with Adam Fischer and Haydn Philharmonie

10th-17th January (USA)
Beethoven, trio and Septet
with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Cente
Florida Tour

5th February (Denmark)
Concert in Copenhaghen (Beethoven/Brahms)
with The Danish Clarinet Trio

11-13th February (Italy)

Concerts in Pistoia, Milan, Ravenna

with Daniele Giorgi & Orchestra Leonore

18th March (Italy)


Messaien - Quartet for the  End of Time

with Dan Zhu, Alexander Lonquich

23rd March (Italy)
Recital in Pavia
with Andrea Rebaudengo

31st March - 9th April (Italy)
Pierrot Lunaire + Histoire du Soldat
ITALIAN TOUR (Venice, Perugia, Padova)
with Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Ilya Gringrolts, Enrico Bronzi, Irena Kavcic, Alexander Lonquich

25th-27th April (Italy/Germany)

Pistoia & Hamburg (Elbphilharmonie)

with Daniele Giorgi & Orchestra Leonore


19th - 28th May (USA)​
Shaker Village Chamber Music Festival (KY)
with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

29th May - 2nd June (Italy)

20th - 30th July (USA)
Music@Menlo (CAlifornia)

9th-11th August (Denmark)

Schackenborg Music Festival (Artistic director)

with Lea Desandre, Thomas Dunford, Julia Pusker, Trio Orelon, Nicholas Algot Swensen

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