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1st January (Hungary)

Budapest - MÜPA

with Adam Fischer and Haydn Philharmonie

10th-17th January (USA)
Beethoven, trio and Septet
with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Cente
Florida Tour

5th February (Denmark)
Concert in Copenhaghen (Beethoven/Brahms)
with The Danish Clarinet Trio

11-13th February (Italy)

Concerts in Pistoia, Milan, Ravenna

with Daniele Giorgi & Orchestra Leonore

18th March (Italy)


Debussy & Messiaen - Quartet for the  End of Time

with Dan Zhu, Gal Faganel, Alexander Lonquich

23rd March (Italy)
Recital in Pavia
with Andrea Rebaudengo

31st March - 9th April (Italy)
Pierrot Lunaire + Histoire du Soldat
ITALIAN TOUR (Venice, Perugia, Padova)
with Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Ilya Gringrolts, Enrico Bronzi, Irena Kavcic, Alexander Lonquich

25th-27th April (Italy/Germany)

Pistoia & Hamburg (Elbphilharmonie)

with Daniele Giorgi & Orchestra Leonore


19th - 28th May (USA)​
Shaker Village Chamber Music Festival (KY)
with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

29th May - 2nd June (Italy)



14-16 June (Denmark)

Concerts in Copenhaghen & Jutland

with Ensemble MidtVest

23 June (Italy)

Chamber Music in Imperia

With Irena Kavcic & Nicola Giribaldi

20th - 30th July (USA)
Music@Menlo (CAlifornia)

31th July - 5th August (USA)

La Jolla SummerFest (CAlifornia)

9th-11th August (Denmark)

Schackenborg Musikfest (Artistic director)

with Lea Desandre, Thomas Dunford, Julia Pusker, Trio Orelon, Nicholas Algot Swensen, Katrine Gislinge

13th September (Italy)

Elba Isola Musicale d'Europa Festival

Solo Recital with Georgij Sosokins

14 October (Italy)


Solo Recital with Andrea Rebaudengo

29 November (Italy)


Trio Concert with Erica Piccotti & Simore Rugani

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