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Moonwalk - Fluid and rapid dance movement which, in going backwards, generates the propulsive force to leap forward, airborne - the lunar dream of a body freed of earthly gravity.

A NovAntiqua Records production, MOONWALK features sonatas by Brahms and Saint-Saëns and miniatures by Debussy, Busoni and Reger.  

Tommaso's first recording project with his father, pianist Alexander Lonquich, captured by the Grammy-winning wizardry of Peter Laenger.

"The question of musical inheritance, of how to conjugate the past into the future (...) Music then appears to us as a kind of moonwalk, a 'progressing backwards' or 'backing ahead': a magical enchantment that bends gravity and time, forging what is yet to be born by engaging with the human experiences of ages past. It is this same 'moonwalking' magic that allows us, the listeners and interpreters of today, to kindle a vibrant and intimate dialogue with the voices of musicians long gone".

 "A prize-winning performance.”

   The Evening Standard - London 


"A performance full of crisp rhythmic interactions

and broad, eloquent melodic phrasing"

   The San Francisco Chronicle


"Mr. Lonquich's virtuosity dazzled,

and the crowd's reaction

was a vociferous standing ovation, 

A feeling of sheer joy filled the hall."


   Oberon's Grove - New York 


Schackenborg Musikfest, of which Tommaso Lonquich is the co-Founder and co-Artistic Director, has launched on August 13th-15th 2021, with Christian Tetzlaff among other guests. The next edition is already in the planning and will feature Nicolas Altstaedt, Barnabas Kelemen, Alexander Lonquich and many other guest artists.


The Festival takes place on the grounds of the former Royal Castle of Schackenborg, a magical setting in one of the most beautiful areas of Denmark.


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